Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas 2007

Ethan in front of the Neiman Marcus tree (in Downtown Dallas). This year's tree has 3 robots - Daddy, Mommy & Baby, that put ornaments on a metal tree. Ethan thought is was pretty cool.

Ethan doing his first climb. He went up as far as Tyler could reach and then back down several times.

Ethan with Addison. She was like a little monkey shimmying up the rocks! They had a blast!

Caroline LOVES her "baby". She is quite the little Mother Hen.

Lincoln Logs!!! Old School!

Caroline and her Elmo. She got the TMX Elmo too, but she just says, "No, No, NO" everytime we make him laugh. Not a big.

It has been quite a while since I last posted...sorry!

We had a great Thanksgiving & Christmas. We spent Thanksgiving in Midland and had a beautiful snowfall...Caroline's & Wyatt's first. They had a blast! A couple of days before Christmas Eve, we took a drive to look at Christmas lights, to see the 100th Neiman Marcus Christmas tree (which Ethan is in front of) and drink our hot chocolate. Christmas Day, we woke up to Santa presents and went to Nana & Grumps house.

Ethan is back at his Mother's Day Out program & he and mommy really missed it!

Caroline is still into everything, but has been having some pretty bad allergies. We go to the allergist at the end of February.

Wyatt is a little chunker. He is such a precious & happy baby. He still gets up at night, but is just a real angel...

Oh yeah, Ethan and Tyler went with Shane & Addison indoor rock climbing in Grapevine after Christmas. They had a blast. I have a nice shot of Tyler's rear...but I will save that for blackmail later. HA!

Happy 2008!