Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My 2 newest obsessions...don't worry, they're legal.

Finally...a finished project!!!

Yes, here is proof that I actually finished painting my bannister. Glory, glory, hallelujah!!! Much better than the old scratched up oak railing of old...One project down, about 723 more to go!

Okay y'all...I have to confess, I have been cheating...on my blog. I have discovered Facebook. Lord help me, I am truly addicted. Well, wait a sec...I haven't downloaded the app to my phone yet, but I do visit it quit often and get all tingly when I have a new "friend request" from someone I haven't seen, nor heard from in a bazillion years. Have you tried Facebook? If you haven't, you should. My sis says it is "lame" and that MySpace is the only legit social networking tool (well, she didn't say that last thingy, but I didn't know what else to call it and it made me sound kinda smart), but I bed to differ. You can block out the freak shows and pervs, all the while reconnecting with some people that you haven't thought about since 5th grade. All of a sudden, you are best buds again and know every time they have sushi, go to the mall, or have a baby. It is amazing!
Okay, second obsession, running. GASP!!! I know, it is the craziest thing. I was a "runner" in high school. Well, let me re-phrase that...I was a short runner in high school (both in stature, as well as distance). Nothing over a 400-meter-dash please, but I have become a crazy person with the running. I will go to the gym and bust out a 3, 4, 5 or 6 miles like I am on a mission. I am not boasting because I still jiggle WAY to much for my own taste, but have mercy y'all...this is a major accomplishment. I will say that when I get home, my routine involves lots of scrubbing, soaking and numerous applications of Aspercream. Okay, enough about that. I just thought I would let all of my peeps, that haven't totally given up on me and my pathetic lack of blogging, the reasons why you haven't heard from me in a while.
Okay, now to the good stuff...those of you who know me well, and know my husband at all, know that T. has an opinion on decorating. No, it isn't the opinion of, "whatever you think looks good, Honey" (I only can dream of these words ever coming out of his mouth). He actually has an opinion about what window treatments, fabrics and accessories we should use. So, I am pulling a "Designer's Challenge" up in here... I am desperately wanting to redo the decor of our little casa, and I think that bombarding him with everything at once will either (A) make him see the entire picture as a whole and fall in love with my ideas and inspired design, or (B) will completely overwhelm him and he will be totally helpless to make any decision, in which case he will turn over full design responsibility to me out of sheer anxiety. Either one is a viable and preferred option.
Right now, our decor is more "what is on sale, passed down or brown...we like brown". We have a little French Country, a little eclectic, a little old world...a little of everything and nothing really works in my opinion. I have thought long and hard about what I really want my house to feel like and I really like beach cottage-meets-Pottery Barn with a twist of country. Is that a style? Probably not, but here is a small sampling of what I have come up with...

The most glorious paint colors. The Antique will be in the living and dining room & the Beach House will be in the kitchen. "They" say that blue isn't good in the kitchen - it isn't an "appetizing color". First of all, I need less of an appetite and second of all, I don't care...I like it.
Great stripe for accent pillows.
Love this for the back of the slipcover for my parsons chair in the DR. I am going to do the rest in a neutral color and monogram the front in a chocolate brown.
The hubs hates zebra, but I think I can sneak it in on a couple of throw pillows and small pillows on the back of the DR chairs. GRRR Baby, GRRR!!!
I love, love, love this linen. It is super affordable, is an amazing color and would be great for some curtains and, maybe the slipcovered chairs.
I found these little napkin rings for $.80 at the Crate & Barrell outlet!
These will definitely be replacing my lampshades on the chandelier.
I love this for a side table between 2 chairs.
I have a ton more, but pictures take too long to download, and I have no patience when it comes to my computer. So, here it is...I will be giving my presentation soon...wish me luck!