Friday, August 29, 2008

Caroline's glamour makeover

Okay, I am a horrible blogger. I can't quite get the sequence right and it is late. My friend JL told me, in a very kind way of course, that my blog sucked. I have to agree. I am far funnier, cooler, smarter, skinnier, organized and detailed than my blog would have you think. Well, maybe not the skinnier, but you pics of Big Ma'. I'm working on it...
By the way, I have redone my format, just to shake things up..I'm crazy like that. AHEM...Anywho...Like I said, these are not in order & I am too tired to care. Lastly, before you peruse my blog, note that I will be updating more in the upcoming days. Lots of goodies to keep you coming back...playing on the swingset, cooking muffins, you know, good clean fun. are some more pics of my little peanut (and Daddy nut).
This is my fave.

No, I didn't capture EVERY step into the school...

His first locker...Just don't let some thug cram you in it or mama will come up there and open a can...

Seriously Mom... another picture. Yes, yes it is, now sit there and LIKE IT!!!!! Love you.
Oh yes I did! Not only do I have the schedule, but I have the class roster. Psycho mom, not necessarily...Cropping Mom?... can I get an AMEN!!! You know what I'm talking about.

The beginning of the photo shoot. I won't make you look at all 547,234 pictures. Note the size of the shoes in comparison to his wee little ankles. How can you not just love that!

No mom, I don't want to go to school. See, can't you tell. HA!

Off he goes...

Okay...sigh...the first day of kindergarten...I survived. Ethan was so proud and not at all nervous. His first 3 days were quite interesting. I won't go into details, and they aren't that gruesome, but I think we will be looking at the home-schooling option. It is something that we have been thinking and praying about for a long time (the beginning of school last year to be exact) and after some confirmation, we are doing all of our research to make a decision...although I feel as though our hearts are already set. I will let you know how it turns out. Here are some pics of our little school boy, oh, excuse me, big boy (as he corrected us today). By the way, today was the first day that he actually walked into the school alone and his comment was, "You are letting me go in all by a big boy?" He then proceeded to bound up through the front doors with the biggest, proudest face ever...(story as told by weepy-eyed father...mama would have lost it in the parking lot and they would still be trying to gather her tear-soaked body off of the Suburban's floor.)

This is all we see of "W" lately...

We had the most beautiful double rainbow outside after it rained one evening and I couldn't get over that I got descent pics of all the kids. Thank you Lord!

Oh yeah, Bailey laid one on Wyatt. Even with my delayed flash that I curse every time I miss the perfect "Kodak moment", I still managed to get it at just the right time. These 2 are big buds!

Caroline's make-up bonanza!

God bless the girl. She just loves mommy's make up. She is a tomboy, wrapped in a girly girl, with a heaping side of sassypants. You gotta love her. Here, she got into mommy's "eyes".