Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry CHRISTmas...

Luke 2:1-7
[2:1] In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. [2] (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) [3] And everyone went to his own town to register.
[4] So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. [5] He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. [6] While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, [7] and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

May your Christmas be filled with little miracles!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tragedy has struck & so has the camera fairy!

Let me begin my post on a tragic note...

Kodak Easy Share Camera
(December 2006 - December 2008)
You were a good camera. We have had lots of good memories together. Births, birthday parties, holidays, soccer games. I am sad to see you slip out of my life. One day you are here, the next you are gone. (Tear...sniff...sniff)
Okay, good news....I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!! My poor family...they have been stalked for the past 2 days while I try to figure out my new slice of heaven. My Fuji Pinepix S1000 isn't your fancy-schmancy-high-dollar camera, but it sure takes purdy pictures. My sweet hubby saw my despair when the old one was terminally ill, and knew that I would just die without a real life camera. I had to begin our Christmas holdays with a ...gulp...disposable! Oh the humanity!!! I quickly realized that this wasn't going to work and was considering all of my money making options (you know, the regular stuff like plasma donation, surrogacy, celebrity blackmail, etc.) so that I could quickly buy the Easy Share's replacement. Lucky, T. pulled through and I have my newest form of torture (remember the stalking thing) in full swing. Okay, enough about that...
This was one of my gifts from my sis. You know what, this girl gets me. 7 rolls of gorgeous, drool-enducing, glorious wired ribbon are now in my possesion. I can hardly stand it. You see the really fat, oh, I mean "big boned" ribbon in the middle. It is fantabulously gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Have I ever told you that I am a ribbon whor*.

Okay Marge...if you are peeking at my blog...AVERT YOUR EYES!!!
This is my most favorite gift this season. I took a glass jar with that cute little black metal lid, put some vinyl letters on the front (this is their last name), sprinkled in some fake snow, and added some fun little goodies.
A little coffee...some Starbucks caramel sauce, and a few little treats for my coffee-addicted friend.
This one is for my in-laws. Same idea, a few different things. I made some cheese straws that taste like a really decadent goldfish cracker. I know, sounds like an oxymoron, but they are goooooood! I had something very similar from Neiman Marcus (or "Needless Markups" as my dear sweet Memom calls them) over 10 years ago and the memory of it stuck with me. Isn't it funny how food evokes memories from that far back?...maybe it is just me....I can't remember if I brushed my teeth this morning, but I can remember a snack I had 10 years ago...I smell a problem here....and it smells like cheese!!!! I digress....
Last, but by no means least, I have been waiting since October to get these canvases of my kids made and they are finally here! This is above my couch in the living room. I plan on "hanging" them with some pretty ribbon on some decorative hooks or picture hangers. I just couldn't stand not having them on the wall in the meantime...

Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas with many blessings and miracles all around you and in the lives of you and your families.
Blessed Mama

Monday, December 15, 2008

I have Christmas fever...but don't worry, I'm not contagious.

As I write, I can't help but realize 2 things. One, I have waaaaay to much to do to be sitting here typing away on my little ol' blog and B, my house looks like the Christmas fairy had a little too much nog and threw up all over my house. I have stuff everywhere! Boxes, random gifts, baking paraphernalia, glass jars (I am so pumped about my newest little crafy Christmas idea but I can't show you until next week because it might ruin the euphoric squeels that will happen when my giftees see their glorious homemade gift by yours truly), fake snow, ribbon, sacks, etc. are taking over our little house. HELP ME!!! I have to pull myself together and get to crack-a-lackin' on some wrapping & baking before I am swallowed in a sea of Christmas!
On another note, at E's school, we went to visit the Jolly One himself in person. I have to tell you, I think the one that was at said function was the real one. Seriously, take a looksie below and tell me what you think. Here is how the encounter with the Big "S" went down...
E. was off running around like a 6-year-old that had just eaten an entire gingerbread house, and couldn't care less about Santa, C. was terrified until he began reading "'Twas the Night Before Christmas". As he began to read, she crept closer and closer until she was practically in his lap. Okay, I am thinking, "Yes! I will actually get a picture with all three kids and SANTA!!! It truly is a Christmas miracle!!!". Well, what do you think happened? All three kids went up to the big guy, but C. would have none of it. Yes, she was within 1/2 inch of him 2 minutes earlier, but she wasn't going to get near that man unless he was made out of chocolate. W. and E. had no problem hopping up there...well...let me re-phrase that...W. had no problem hopping up there, but E. thought it was LAME, but did it to quiet his mother's desperate pleas to have at least one picture with Santa before he graduated from college. Anywho, here is the evidence that it actually happened...

Doesn't E. looked thrilled!

Don't worry, he is just getting a lump of coal this year...just kidding y'all. Have a merry week before Christmas! Remember, with enough caffeine and a few choice meds, we can all have a glorious Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

GARLAND PEOPLE, GARLAND! What do you think that I mean? Over at The Nesting Place, we were asked to share our garland. I typically, don't like to share...I mean, don't touch my friggin' chocolate!!! But...I don't mind sharing my decor. I can't say that my garland is one to be adored by millions, but I like it. I already have an idea of how I am going to "pump it up" next year! Here are some pics...

I may have to take more pics later. It is the middle of the day and you really can't tell how fantabulous it is. Well, maybe that is stretching it...I am afraid to visit the other blogs listed because theirs will blow mine out of the water, but, like I said, we have had the bubonic plaque the past week...we are much better, by the way...thanks for asking!
One of my precious little birdies...aren't they adorable?My dining room chandelier. Very simple, but I love it.

My husband hates this guy. Don't know why, but he claims that it looks like a worship roosters. Whatever, he is fun to dress up & if you can't have fun in your own house, then where can you? Oh, now that I am looking at this picture, I would like to send out a big "Thank You" to my dear husband for getting the newspaper off of the top of the fridge. Seriously...if it is you or the rooster...I am going to have to think really hard about this one...

Addendum to post...My family is doing amazingly well. Thanks so much for all of your prayers. E. and C. are back at school. Yes, E. is in school. No more homeschooling for us. More on that another day. W. is still a little cranky, but definitely on the mend. I'm free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty I am free at last!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blog on speed...

Okay y'all. Yes, it looks as though I have fallen off of the face of the earth, but I am here. Here is my life in a nutshell since, well, Thanksgiving. MY WHOLE HOUSE HAS THE BUBONIC PLAGUE!!! Well, maybe not the actual plague, but it feels that way. Here is the rundown from the eldest to the youngest. The hubby has pink eye, or "conjunctivitis". I like pink eye better. I think it sounds cuter and less gagaphoric (medical term). Conjunctivitis sounds like he has conjuncted something, and that just sounds nasty. Come to think about it, have you ever seen pink eye? It's rather icky. After deliberation, I think conjunctivitis actually fits. The eldest of our brood has bronchitis, our little C has...okay, brace yourself...pneumonia, an ear infection, and pink eye. Bless her heart! She is miserable. Little W man has a double ear infection and bronchitis. That's all. Of course, I am fine and able to play nurse, chef, maid, snot wiper, eye drop giver, vomit cleaner (from all of the phlegm and coughing), medicine administrator, eye goo cleaner, Purell gustapo and, last but certainly not least, the funnel for all whining, wimpering & crying (the hubby included). So, that has been my life for the past 10-ish days. I have officially been on lockdown and held hostage in my own house. HELP!
Seriously, if you are reading this, please, for my sake, for the sake of my dear snotty headed little children and gooey-eyed husband, say a little prayer of healing. I'll be back soon my dear friends...Adieu!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy 24 days until Christmas!

So, did you all wear your stretchy pants at Thanksgiving? Darn that Jenny Craig! She wouldn't allow me to gorge myself into a semi food-induced coma like a normal person. I mean, you would think that Ms. Craig herself were stalking me the whole day. I mean, I had some serious restraint going on there! All of this to say that today is weigh-in day and, although I did well with my temptation, I still fear the scale. That horrible white piece of metal evil! I guess we will get a verdict here in about 5 hours...GULP!

Enough about that...lots to cover, so here is the Cliff's Notes version...and don't act like you don't know what Cliff's Notes are or that you didn't use them...I only wish they had them for more helpful things like cleaning, or cooking, or raising children...I digress...

Thanksgiving was great. The food was delish (what I got to eat anyway), our family had a great time, weather was AMAZING! The kids played outside all afternoon and we really enjoyed not having to listed to the moaning and yelling from our "guys" watching the football game with their bloated bellies.

My house is in mid-transformation for the holidays. No, I am not one of those people that throw everything up Thanksgiving night (I wish I were, but I am not). I string it out for at least a few weeks, then take it right down after New Years and wonder why I spend so many precious waking hours decking my halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la la la la la...It sure is purdy though!

I am still trying to figure out some fun little crafts and goodies to make over the next few weeks with my babies. That is my pre-New Year's resolution. Spend more time with my kids and less time doing everything else that doesn't really matter (see last entry for more on my small epiphany).

Well, when my halls are decked, I will post some pics. I am sure that BH&G will be ringing my doorbell. HA!

Blessings my peeps!

P.S. We all sat last night and watched this flick. Wouldn't you give anything to be a kid again...well, for one night anyway...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm here...really....I haven't left you, nor forsaken you...

Hello fellow bloggers! No, I have not been whisked away to a far off tropical place, nor have I been taken hostage by my children, well, in a way, I guess they kind of do that don't they, but I have just been busy as a little bee.

I had a sort of epiphany. In trying to educate my eldest little birdie, I came to the realization that I was semi-neglecting my 2 younger babies. By semi-neglect, I mean that all of their basic needs were being met (such as food, milk, juice, cleaning behind the ears, fashionable hairdos and outfits, medications, etc.) but that I wasn't holding them, or playing with them, or reading to them enough. So, I decided to take a few days and just be a kid with them. Of course, the motherly and wifely duties still had to be addressed, but I wanted to take lots of time to just love on them and let them know that they are important and precious. We have had so much fun. We have crafted (well, yes, they are MY we must craft...), colored, played on the swingset and just sat and played with their toys more in the last week than in the last several months.

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed, strung out, stressed and flat-out flustered at the end of the day and feel like you have nothing to show for it, much less have anything crossed off of your "to-do" list? When you get to the end of said day, sit and think,"Does anything that I have done today matter to anyone but me? Does is please the Lord? Does is matter to my children? Does it make my life and my family's life better?" I only say this because at the end of a typical day for me, I don't ask these questions, but I should.

My kids won't grow up remembering that they had a clean house (well, because it isn't, but if it was, they wouldn't), or great looking house, or a nice lawn, or the cutest birthday invitations, or their mother had a great blog.

What do you remember about your childhood? I remember sitting with my Memom on my bed just talking. I remember making cornbread with my mom in the same yellow plastic bowl for years, and years and years. I think she still has it too! I remember my dad taking me hunting and fishing. I remember my mom taking me to the bookstore over and over because I was convinced that I had to read every Beverly Cleary book in the free world. I remember my Memom and mom teaching me how to sew. I remember my Memom letting me cook in her kitchen and she never worried that I made a mess. I remember my mom and I listening to records (okay kids, records are like much larger CDs that sounded kinda crackly when you play them...they are GREAT!!!) and dancing around and playing out the lyrics as we giggled until we collapsed on the floor. These are the things that I want my kids to remember. I don't want them to remember their mom always running around like a maniac cleaning, or mumbling under her breath about how the house is always a constant disaster, or sitting in front of this darn computer, or her being so focused on her next project that she doesn't have time to color a picture of Dora or play Kinex or just sit and tickle each other. I have a long way to go, but I think that I am on the right track.

I know, you are just waiting to finish this post so that you can go hug your kids...well...don't just sit there, DO IT!!!

Many blessings this Thanksgiving.....remember what you are thankful for tomorrow...and remember to tell them everyday how much you love them...

Blessing #1

Blessing #2

Blessing #3

Friday, November 21, 2008

My name is Big Ma'...and I am a craftaholic

Lookie what Big Ma's been up to!
Okay, can you say "obsessed with crafts"? No matter where I am, I seem to find something else to make. It is truly an addiction. I need help. Is there a CA (Crafters Anonymous) that I can join? If there is...sign me up. Well, this fun little thing started out as an unfinished wooden plaque with beveled edges, a piece of scrapbook paper & a large unfinished clothespin. I sanded the plaque with a little 220 grit sandpaper, wiped it down, then spray painted the plaque with some dark brown paint. It was just some random paint that I had sitting around. Then, I took some gorgeous scrapbook paper (12 x 12) and adhered it with Modge Podge (my favorite crafting stuff of all time...this stuff is like water and oxygen... I MUST have it at all times!), inked the edges, applied another layer of Modge Podge, let it dry and hot glued the clothespin on. I did the same thing with the clothespin as I did with the plaque (minus the sanding)...paint, MP paper, ink, MP the top, then added the cute irridescent ribbon and a precious picture of a very adorable baby. I mean, could the kid get any cuter? (Wink, wink...that's my little "W", 15 months ago...tear, tear, sniffle, snort, tear, sob...)
So, off my little "baby" goes to my etsy shop. Okay, wait a minute, not my baby "W", my baby, the plaque...I don't want CPS to be calling...just had to clarify.
Have a fantabulous weekend my peeps!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How did BHG get into my house???

Okay, so I am wondering how Better Homes and Gardens was able to get into my house and do a whole shoot without my knowledge...well, I smell a lawsuit, I can tell you that!

Seriously...I am cheesed off (as they say in the U.K.).

Didn't C's room turn out well?
...and my living room...don't I have an eye for design?

Oh yeah, the formal living area...

My third living room.
The chaise is my favorite place to curl up and read "Twas the Night Before Christmas".
The guest cottage living room.
My office

Friday, November 14, 2008

We have a winner!

Congrats to Jenni at Nest to Keep (! You are the winner of a $20 "gift card" to my etsy shop! Now, don't fret my precious blogger friends, I will have another one closer to Christmas for a Christmas-themed goody. My creative juices are already flowin'...whoops, I leaked! HA! Anywho, Jenni, take a gander at my shop and let me know what tickles your fancy! Thanks to all of you who entered and put my giveaway on your are awesome!
Oh yeah, don't forget to run over to (or click on the tag on my sidebar) and check out my listing (as well as other totally awesome crafty ladies) at the MOMS Unite website. Of course, you are welcome to browse, but if you buy something at another site, I won't be your friend anymore...Just kidding...or am I...HMMMMM...HA!
Have a fanfreakintabulous weekend my peeps!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's GIVEAWAY time! (Can you hear the angels singing?)

It's Giveaway Time!!!

Glorious, glorious, glorious day! Well chicks, my marathon sewing, tying, pinning, hot-gluing, serging, crafting days are over. Well, maybe not over, but I have come up for air! Pace myself, I KNOW, but with my OCD, anal retentiveness and a side of type "A" personality, I just can't help myself. I finished the open house, and I am still here. No, I am not in the fetal position. Yes, I am acutally upright and typing. This is an amazing feat considering I have lived on 1,200 calories (I am 5.7 pounds lighter by the way), Pibb Zero, and about 3 hours of sleep per night for the past week. Well, take a little looksie at my etsy site and see what I have been up to. Go ahead, I dare you. I know you want to look. You cheeky little monkey! is GIVEAWAY time!!! See....I didn't forget my peeps! Well, on the giveaway block is $20 towards anything in my esty shop!

(Pink & black tutu dress)

(Vintage brown floral altered clipboard)

(Retro Christmas picture frame)

These are just a few examples of what you, yes, you (that is, if you are the lucky winner) can have if you just do these 23 small steps. Just kidding! All you have to do is post my giveaway on your sweet little blog, leave me a comment on mine (so I know where to look...I can't read minds you know...well, maybe I can...oh, shame on you!) and one of my little unbiased offspring will choose (totally at random) a winner on Thursday. If you are the amazingly lucky winner, and I know that you are all sweating to think of what you will do with your glorious winnings, then I will contact you to see what your little bloggin' heart desires. So, get the word out. Blog 'til your fingers bleed (well, maybe that is a little much). Blog 'til your fingers blister and good luck my fellow bloggers! Let's make this a handcrafted Christmas this year!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Okay y'all, this is a post on speed! I have been so busy sewing, painting, modge-podging, hemming and poking myself with needles (that last one was incedental, of course), that I don't/ won't have time to blog for a couple of days. I know, my millions of fans are crushed, but alas, I must craft! I have a "Holiday Open House" at a friend's house this weekend, and I am freaking out!!! I am trying to expand my little bid'ness, and I think I have undertaken way, let me emphasize that, WAY too much. I do this to myself all of the time. I will learn one day. Well, maybe when I fall asleep at the sewing machine and sew my hair into one my projects, then maybe I will learn. Well, off to work. Mama has to bring home some bacon (lowfat Jenny Craig turkey bacon, that is) & when I return, I will have all sorts of new goodies in my store & a GIVEAWAY!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I will not talk about the election...I will not talk about the election...I will not talk about the election...

I promise, I will not get all worked up over the results of the election last night. I have just decided that, regardless of who won or lost, we need to pray for our country. That is all I have to say about that...

Well, I would be over-the-top excited about Thanksgiving, but I have a confession to make...I am on Jenny Craig and I am afraid that my turkey day will consist of a box of turkey and all of the sides (sounds rather depressing), but their food is actually really good! I may have to sneak a little goody on the big day, but I will be good. I never thought that these words would come out of my mouth, goes...I want to look like Valerie Bertinelli.

Seriously, she is so cute & skinny. Not "scary-got-get-yourself-a-sandwich" skinny, but "I-have-been-on-Jenny-Craig-and-look-fab" skinny. Actually, I can think of a few other people that I would rather look like (e.g. Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, that scary trainer "Jillian" from the Biggest Loser, Jenny McCarthy, Reece Witherspoon, Gisele Bunchen, J.Lo., Victoria Beckham (without the sourpuss face, of course), that chick from "Chuck" (did you know she was Australia?), Tyra Banks (I am an equal opportunity gal), Cindy Crawford (now, or in her supermodel hayday), Elle MacPherson...should I continue?) but Valerie is my JC hero.
Anywho, I am going to be having a GIVEAWAY soon, so keep your peepers open & check back frequently...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all my favorite Halloweiners!
(Don't you think this kid will need some serious therapy in 30 years...bless his heart!)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What are you thankful for?

Debbie over at is having a fab giveaway! Please check out her website (click on link above or on the title of this posting) and give her a little shout. Her blog is wonderful and she is a pretty crafty little critter too! You know me and my love of crafty bloggers, especially ones that share their tips. Y'all, you know how I like to beg, borrow and steal!
Blessings & happy bloggin'!
Blessed Mama

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What homemade gifts did you make for Christmas in years past?

Over at one of my new faves, Tip Junkie (, they posed the question as to what are some of your favorite Christmas gifts that you have made or have received? You have seen my previous post with the clipboards, and I have others, but I can't share just yet...

I don't have many other ideas from PAST Christmases because I haven't been too crafty in years past, or I didn't take a picture of it, or it turned out to be a big hot mess... Those are for another blog & another time...YIKES!

Anywho, I would love to hear about your favorite concoctions. I am always up for a crafty idea! I think we all could this year to save a little moolah...

Speaking of baking (well, that was a couple of paragraphs ago...), check these out.

I made these for C.'s class at Mother's Day Out this year.

Nothing like a little pre-trick-or-treating sugar! No need to thank me parents...

Monday, October 27, 2008

All family members, please step away from the screen!

It is going to be a crafty Christmas...

Okay y'all, this is a short post. I have my littlest monkey on my lap and he is fascinated with the mouse. That, or the music that is playing on my blog. I like to think that the latter is true and that he has a special connection with the Big Guy (we were listening to Come Thou Fount). Anywho, look at what Big Ma whipped up in her spare time. I have a friend that had done one for me and I thought I would try my hand at it. Actually, this is my second one, so I had all the kinks worked out this time. Isn't it glorious? Also, if you are related to me, and your initials are DCM, Merry Christmas!

I am so excited about how darned cute this is, and I love me some fun scrapbook papers and ribbon (you all know my love/fascination/obsession/adoration for ribbon) and what a perfect way to feed my healthy addiction! Actually, I will be making some and putting them on my etsy website ( soon. Also, when I have a chance, I think I will put some of these on there (please note, these are just some examples that I have found, these are not on my website)...

I love the long tutus with the big flower on the front.

...and some of these..

I love the simplicity of a pillowcase dress.

You can also wear them much longer because they are looser than a regular dress.

I already have the fabric for 4 pillowcase dresses. One is a robin's egg blue Waverly floral, one is the most gorgeous coral and cream print, one is very sophisticated toile, and the other is the most precious pink & red gingham with a floral overlay pattern.

I can't wait to get them done! Let's where did I put my sewing machine?

Friday, October 24, 2008

My fabulous will be so jealous (if you have no life)

My dearest friend Jerri Lynn at tagged me with this fun little nugget and I know that my adoring fans are breathless with anticipation to know what my fabulous life is like. Well, I will try to bring it down a notch so that all of you mere mortals will be able to grasp it...
A day in the life...

7:15 - 7:30: Roll my petite little derrier out of bed when I hear my youngest crying (because the poop fairy visits every night) and my darling daughter is yelling at him, "No! Stop!". They share a room...isn't that brilliant?.

7:30: Immediately begin with breakfast while they scream that they are STARVING...mind you, starving in my home means you haven't eaten within the past hour, so can you imagine after 10 hours of sleep? It is the perfect way to begin the morning...

8:00-ish: Clean half of their breakfast off of the floor (because they were all raised by a pack of wild dogs and don't know how to keep food on an actual table, much less a plate), and wash the dishes from breakfast.....and dinner the night before....don't judge me!

C. goes to Mother's Day Out (or as I like to call it, Mommy's mini-vacation) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so at this point we are throwing on clothes, licking down cowlicks and packing something nutritious for her lunch (you know, like a snicker bar, can of coke and some pork rinds...just kidding). Then I do my hour of yoga....HA HA HA HA HA...oh, I can't stop laughing!!!!! Seriously, I get her to school at 9:00, go home and do some hard core homeschooling (we have to get in the majority of it when she is gone) until noon. We do take a 30 minute break and go play when E. gets antsy. W. plays in our "classroom" with his toys & I try to entertain him when E. is doing independent study. At noon, we eat lunch and then either go run errands, or just hang out until we pick up C. at 2:00 (then we do naps, play, dinner, baths & bed).

Monday is homeschooling until about 11:00, then we all get ready and go to Spanish class from 12 - 1, come home, eat lunch and then C. & W. take naps from 1 - 3 or 4. E. and I do a little more school work, then I let him have free time.
Wednesday is Field Trip/Project Day, so we wing it. We do one or the other, and somewhere in the day, we eat and the kids nap.
Friday is E.'s homeschool co-op, so we get up, get dressed, have Bible Study, get there a little early so he can hang out with the other kids and play Bionicles, and has his Critical Thinking class from 11 - 12. I do my service hour in the playroom and keep the under control (which means chat with the other moms and make sure the kids don't mame each other). If we are bringing E.'s friend home to play at our house, we go and stop by Mc Donalds, grab lunch, then go home and put the little ones down for naps, or E. goes to his friend's house and I go home, feed the babies, put them down and then have an ice cold beer. Just kidding about that one, I need something a little stronger than that by Friday afternoon. Am I kidding? What do you think? HMMMMM.....

Our evenings aren't too bad:
On Monday, we just hang out as a family, on Tuesday we have a Bible Study so I give the kids a big snack, pack up dinner, take them to the sitter and enjoy a peaceful evening with adult conversation. We pack the kids back up at 9-ish, and put them to bed when we get home (they get their jammies on at the sitters). On Wednesday, I cram dinner down my E.'s throat, and drive him to Awanas at 6:00. I either run errands and the hubby tends to the other 2 (this is awesome by the way!!!) until I pick up E. at 8:00 (the kids are already in fed, bathed & in bed) or I just come back home and help Pa' with the evening routine. On Thursdays, my hubby has softball (watch the Sports Center highlights... they are the opposite of what you will see on offense guys), so I am on my own with all 3. Curse you Thursdays!!! Fridays are usually family time, or I go scrapbooking. Well, let me make a little disclaimer: I "plan" to go scrapbooking every-now-and-then, but it actually only happens once every 6 months, so it usually ends up being family time with a night out to eat (or bringing food home to avoid complete meltdown...from me that is).

Now, whom do I tag? (Okay y'all, my blogging addiction is fairly new, so bear with me if you get tagged by me more than once...I don't have a ton of followers or people that I follow yet, and I am still learning the whole blogging protocol.)

Big Mama at She is sure to have you rolling on the floor...

Joy at I think I just "awarded" her the other day, but she has finished some amazing projects and I just want y'all to look...

Tracey at She is a sweet fellow Texas who stopped by my blog the other day and she is a trip. Look at her pic and tell me if you REALLY think she is 38. No way! She has a really cute blog on top of being flippin' adorable...

JL passed this my direction too...I am doubly blessed...thanks girl!

I pass this on to....

My sis, at (keep it clean Jilly ya')

Sandy Toes at


Baby Mama (I love her name!) at
Oh yeah, one more...
Nessa at (I love my Texans y'all!)
Here are the rules:
1. You may choose five people/blogs to give the award to.
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. One has to be a new follower of your blog or live in another part of the world.
Have a fantabulous weekend y'all & come back again! Anytime, seriously ANYTIME! I am needy like that!

No quirky title, this is just about random stuff...

Okay y'all, which looks better...where does the little birdy need to nest? Here...

Or here?

Random pumpkin...I cut out a stencil for this one and painted it black. Quite messy, a little annoying, but it turned out okay. I think it needs a big fat mess of ribbon on top. needs a bow. Well, doesn't everything really need a bow?

I thought I would get smart and print C's initial on paper, cut it out and paste it on instead of cutting it out and then painting it. I am not a surgeon, as you can plainly see, so there is a little outline. It sure was quicker than the one above though. Still, I filled the white in with a little black sharpie (shhhh, don't tell) and it looks better. It is out on my porch now and I am too lazy to go take a picture, download it and post it. Well, it IS 1:34 AM, so that doesn't really classify as lazy, does it?

These are a few new pumpkins that I salivated over until they went on sale. GO ME! The picture doesn't do them justice. They are gorgeous in person (or in pumpkin, I guess you would say...sorry, I am sleepy).

More tutus!!! This one is for my friend's little girl "K". Just a pile of tulle and ribbon now, but...

SHAZAM!!! Here is the finished product. There are 2 shades of pink and cream. I'll post pics later of K. and her tutu. She is a doll!