Thursday, February 14, 2008

Caroline...the next Mary Lou?

Caroline doesn't so much like to jump on the trampoline...she just runs around in circles.

She is warming up to the rope. They swing out and then they (are supposed to) fall into the pit of foam blocks. We haven't gotten quite that far yet. She swings with Ms. Tori (shown above).

She just started gymnastics a few weeks ago, and has already mastered one important element essential to all gymnasts...saluting. Seriously...that and the forward roll. She can do it by herself on the downsloaping mat. She loves to flip and run on the trampoline. They also have music time where she likes to bang the sticks together. I have to say, she does have great rhythm! At the end they get stamps an stickers. She couldn't care less about the sticker, but LOVES the stamps on her hands.

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Jill Moffitt said...

isn't it funny how kids could care less about the good stuff? i've never seen people get so excited for a silly sticker or stamp.
i guess i know what to get them for Christmas.

i'm also considering getting y'all the Hawaii Chair, for all your entertaining needs.