Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's up with us...

Our newest pictures from April & May
Lizard Boy!
Model material?
Precious boy!
Three little monkeys
Sweet face
Beautiful baby
How sweet!
Ethan at the dolphin pool at Sea World

Lots of happenings in our home. A short run down.....We went on a trip with Nana & Memom to Sea World in San Antonio in April and had a blast. A couple of weeks ago Caroline was bitten by a spider (unknown kind) and got a staph infection which landed her in the hospital for 2 days. Wyatt is sporting his new DOC band and is absolutely adorable. His cheeks look even bigger! By the way, he has a new nickname from his older brother. All three little monkeys were in the crib while I was putting away laundry the other day and Ethan exclaims, "I wonder when Jumbo here is going to learn some tricks (talking about Wyatt)". I laughed until I nearly feel over. So, Jumbo it is. Funny enough, he is only in the 5th percentile for weight, so he really isn't necessarily "jumbo", but he is quickly making up for it and, I am sure, will skyrocket in weight by his one year appointment. The boy eats more then Ethan & Caroline combined (which actually isn't saying much...they eat like birds). The only time he cries is when he wakes up at night, and thanks to his new helmet (the DOC band), is frequently, and when I am not feeding him fast enough.
I will have updated pictures of Wyatt in his helmet soon. I just haven't downloaded them yet.
House situation...........the David Weekly house isn't going to happen because they are completely pulling out of Kaufman county to persue different markets. In other words, they weren't making enough money here. So...we have a contract on one to build in another neighborhood here in Forney. Now we just have to sell ours!
Ethan's school.......he will be going to a new school here in Forney for kindergarten. This new school has a program called the dual language program were from kindergarten through 5th grade they are in school 1/2 day in an English speaking classroom and the other 1/2 day they will be speaking Spanish. It is a 6 year committment, and by the end of their 5th grade year, they are fluent in Spanish. It is a pretty amazing opportunity and Ethan and Tyler and I are all very excited about it. Not only do they learn a secondary language, but this program is also shown to help the students excel in all other areas of their education. It has to do with the whole right and left brain working together. Pretty interesting. We are excited to see how it works out.
That is all that I have. Keep in touch!