Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wyatt turns ONE!

Birthday pictures...wouldn't you know that I busted my chin a few days before. Typical!

Precious baby!

Cutie patootie

Kiss for the sis'...I love you!

Amy & Alyssa - some of my partygoers!

That cake is goooood! Red icing, genius!

I think there is a monkey on my back

I love this swing!

Breakfast pancakes...chocolate chips...YUMMY

Decorations at his "Barnyard Party"

The barn cake didn't fall over like I had anticipated. YEAH!!!

It is official...our baby turned ONE last week. Kind of bittersweet. He got his helmet off yesterday, so his beautiful round head is visible 24/7. Yeah Cranial Tech! We got to keep his helmet & the mold of his head from the beginning of the process to remind us (and him in the teen years) how lumpy & bumpy his head could have turned out, but how gorgeous his melon is now. We have already had one fall on the face without his "protection", but he is doing pretty well in the adjustment and trying-not-to-get-a-concussion department. Praise God!

The kids also got a Christmas in July gift from their Papa, Dee Dee, Grumps & Nana. The newest addition to our back yard is an awesome swingset. They have had the most fun ever and Daddy & Mommy are having and even better time watching them. We set up their little blow up pool at the end of the slide so they could slide into it. FUN!!!