Monday, February 9, 2009

Rockin' the swing bob

Oh yeah, we did it. We chopped our little lady's long locks off. Her newest 'do is the ever-so-stylish-and-easy-to-maintain swing bob. I am this close (since you can't see my fingers, let me tell you that they are about 1/2 inch apart) to doing the same. You know, the totally-not-psychotic-mother-daughter-matching-hairstyles! That might be a tad awkward if we wore matching pigtails, but I digress...
I made the appointment after tens of thousands of , "I am so sick of this hair...Leave that bow in!..If you rip that ponytail holder out one more time I'll chop it all off!...C. be still while I comb it!...It wouldn't hurt if you kept STILL!...Quit whining!" proclamations. I threatened to my husband every day that I was going to do it and he would look at me like I wanted to have rabid wolves gnaw her bald. He had "always wanted a little girl with long hair". (Imagine a man wanting a woman to have long hair...I have never heard of such a thing). These men don't fully understand the dedication and hard work that the upkeep of such flowing locks takes. I mean, we have to wash, rinse, repeat, condition, rinse, comb, blow it out, round brush it, back-comb it, tease it, spray it, mousse it (did I just date myself?), color it, highlight it, cut it, pin it, pull it back, push it forward, twist it, twirl it, you name it...then we have to do our make up and still get dressed! Anywho, I would always have my ammunition to rattle back about the mess it is to keep it out of her face, out of her food, out of her mouth, untangled and pulled back when her first instinct is to rip anything that resembles any sort of "hair device" out in the blink of an eye. After the last hair ripping episode in which she quickly took out a fistful of perfectly good hair from the left side and left a frizzy mess in said area, I said, that is it...I can take it no longer.....and the hubby said, "OK". What? I couldn't believe it. YES!!! Wait...NO!!! For the love of all things good...NOOOOO!!!! Now I had to go through with it. Oh crap (excuse the French), what did I just do? I swallowed hard, made the appointment, came very close to calling "Miss Ashley" back and cancelling, then decided, no, I can't wuss out now or I will never hear the end of it.

Oh gorgeous hair, if only thou couldst maintain thyself...
Well, suprisingly enough, after the first cut (what I call the "too-late-now" cut) it wasn't that bad. Well, I did get a little lump in my throat, I mean, it was her FIRST haircut for heaven's sake. After that first cut, I just kept telling her to keep going....shorter...shorter...shorter. I think she thought I had totally lost it. When it was all said and done, this is what it looked like.

Okay, almost there...

The big reveal!
Wait, this is only the 1st of 2 haircuts...keep on reading.
After we left and my hubby saw the results he said, "You chickened out, hu?". WHAT? "If you cut it, you should really cut it" he said. Then he rambled something about, "It's kinda like kissin' your sister". Oh really? Well, I had to agree. I did actually want it shorter, but I thought we could always go back. Here is a little confession on my part: I have absolutely no spine when it comes to hairstylists and haircuts, in general. I have had some horrible, and I mean horrible haircuts, styles & colors in my life. When the hairstylist says, "What do you think?", I inevidably say, "Great...thanks!", leave the salon in tears and sob all the way home never to return again. I don't know what it is. I am a pretty tough cookie, typically speak my mind, would rip someone's head clean off their neck if they mess with my family, when a waiter(ess) asks me how my meal was, I am always 100% honest, but if my hairdresser gave me a mullet, I would exclaim, "It is perfect, thank you, here is your 20% tip" and run home like my hair was on fire...when in reality, I would only wish my hair were actually on fire so I would have some reason as to why my hair looked like that...Anyway, today I went back in, told her how short I REALLY wanted it, and she came up with this masterpiece.
Are you kidding me? Why won't my hair do this? ...oh yeah, the 90's happened (perms, Aqua Net, gravity defying back-combing)...that's why!
First haircut, potty training....BRING IT!!!

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Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...!!!

Makes me miss my little sweet girls, who are now 17 & 20 and do with their hair as they please.

When they were little, I remember taking them in to get cute little bobs. I was so worried about cutting their long locks. But OH how I loved how cute they turned out! It let their sweet cherub faces and big eyes stand out.

Sweet post!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Your daughter's hair cut is perfect! Isn't short hair on kids wonderfully easy to manage? I say this because I love when the girls' hair is short, even though they prefer it longer! :)

Ashley said...

you are so brave! I got my little one's haricut too and also chickened out! You inspire me to be braver- maybe I'll go back for a little shorter! She is adorable!