Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm here!

Okay y'all, I am here. I have taken a very long sabbatical and have tried to knock some things off of my "to do" list. I have almost completed the stair railing and a few other odds and ends, but we, again, have reworked the layout of our bedrooms. E has moved back upstairs (thank goodness) and that has allowed us to move little W into his own room. All this means that (A) I can "girlify" (yes, I made up that word...isn't is awesome!) C's room again (YES!!!!), butch up W's room (double YES!!!) and (2) I can finally get everything decorated how I really want to. The upstairs is being transformed from a computer/sewing/crafting/toy/play/t.v. watching/storage room into a magical (well, maybe not magical) 6-year-old's mega-cool suite. Needless to say, there has been more furniture moved around and things carried up and down the stairs and stuffed into new places, that I have had little time to do the things that I had on my list in the first place. Here is the new (and shorthand) version of "the list":

  1. Finish de-junking E's room, make curtains, wallpaper the back wall & back of bookshelves then organize & accessorize bookshelves (there are a lot of them...a LOT..no, I don't think that you understand, A LOT)
  2. Purchase & finish "big girl" bed & dresser for C's room (I think I am going to attempt to distress & stain some pine pieces)
  3. Re-finish my Memom's old vanity to put in C's room (This is, by far, the best thing about C having her own room...we actually have room for this piece...I'll add pics later), make a ginormous fabric covered bulletin board for her room and find a bookrack that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and FINISH HER BEDDING! Oh, and girlify to my hearts content, of course!
  4. Add wallpaper on focal wall in W's room (I will attach a picture when I get to Lowe's...I obviously have a specific one in mind), possibly repaint...yes, definitely repaint. By the way, with all of the painting that we do, you would think that we actually LIKE painting, but let me leave no room for speculation...I HATE PAINTING!!! I would rather do the following things than paint a room: burn my hand on a hot cookie sheet, stub my pinky toe on a piece of furniture, lose power in my house during the winter, eat steamed squash, step barefoot on a lego, clean up after Thanksgiving dinner and, last but certainly not least, have a piece of spinach stuck in between my front teeth ALL DAY LONG and noone tell me. (That was for my Mom by the way =P)
  5. Oh yeah, and finish the stair railing while my children are still, well, children.

I could go on and on and on and on, but I am a smidge anxiety stricken at the thought of all that I have on my plate. So...off to paint! Wish me luck & it's good to be back.=)