Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Okay y'all, so this thing called "life" has limited my postings lately, and I plan to get going again. You know, those normal events such as dinner, cleaning, working, Swine Flu, after dinner party, birthday party planning for a birthday party that will have to be postponed, gymnastic classes, etc...I haven't totally finished my living room "re-deaux" yet, but it is lookin' pretty good. I haven't taken pictures yet, and would do it now to tag onto my post, but E is in his skivvies and I think that there is some law about not posting stuff like that, so I will wait until my next post. I still need to visit IKEA for some picture frames, get my pillows monogrammed and have my Memom paint a trio of pictures for above my couch (she was an art teacher and fashion illustrator...AWESOME!). I just got the fabric in for my kitchen curtains, so I need to get my sewing machine out again. Not to mention, I don't have any of my fall decor out yet, so.....Okay, can't think about it, I am hyperventilating. Where is my paper bag?
So, all of this to say:

  1. I will post pictures (skivvie free) soon.
  2. I have been really busy.
  3. I have way too much to do.
  4. I need some coffee.


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Hi-d-Ho said...

You are precious! How's it all going? Since you have postpone his birthday party wanna drive up to the WOW retreat with me?