Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm a Hallowiener...

I think that "Hallowiener" is my favorite made up word ever. Here is the Websters definition...if they ever ask me for one:
Hallowiener: { hal-oh-wee-ner}
- noun
a person who loves to decorate, make crafts, and bake for activities that occur around and on October 31st
(I may have to tweak it a bit, but that is neither here nor there...)

So, I have been doing a little decorating for Halloween. Let me go ahead and insert a disclaimer. * I am not necessarily a fan of Halloween, mind you. I think a large majority of it one of 3 things: scary, weird, or scary and weird. We have a house down the street that spares no expense in scaring the tiny little pants off of children of any age that dare approach their house on the evening of the 31st. That just isn't my idea of a good time...but to each his own. Soooo, back to being a Hallowiener...I might not be a fan of Halloween, but I do love to decorate with some cute little vintage decorations and dress my brood up in cute, age appropriate and not-at-all-embarrassing costumes and let them go to the Fall Festival at our local Chick-Fil-A or church or even the neighborhood hayride (with Dad in tote).
Okay, since we are on the subject (kind of...and like that has ever mattered to me) let me also go ahead and say that I am not a fan of the 6-year-old-boy walking around wearing a "Jason" mask carrying a fake machete (nor a real one for that matter) dripping with fake blood (again, nor a real), while his female counterpart is wearing stilettos and a mini skirt. I also made the vow, long ago, when my eldest was born 29 days before Halloween, that I would NEVER, EVER, EVER make my children wear a costume that would embarrass them when I am showing pictures to their best friend or future spouse, and I have kept that vow through 3 children. There would be none of this...

(yes, that is a gorilla.)

nor this...
(and a pink poodle)

Now, please don't be offended if this is what you are planning on putting your little one in. I think they are incredibly adorable, but is it worth the torture that you will have to endure once your children are reminded that this is what they wore and YOU picked it out? Maybe it is. Maybe you are a genius and are already thinking blackmail for the latter years...hmmm...maybe I am thinking about this all wrong!

Back to decorating...

Here is my mantle all decorated for the "howlidays" (oh, please stop me...seriously!).

(the left side)

(right side)

Here are my cute little fellas waiting for a home...hmmmm...where to put them...

Here is my front door. I am not in love with the placement of the letter "M", but haven't figured out a better option yet.
Still more to come...candy corns, pumpkins and bats, oh my!

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Hi-d-Ho said...

I am a halloweiner by marriage. Yep, I married the ultimate halloweiner! He loves dressing up and scaring kids (his own in fact)...I love the candy, let's be honest. And I love the clothes. IT seems by October, I've given up on the "bikini" diet and have laxed back into my winter jackets, jeans and big sweaters suit me best! I have lost of decorations- but too lazy to put them up will you do it for me? SO cute Jenn!