Monday, February 1, 2010

'Cause I didn't have anything better to do...

When you are stuck at home with 2 sick kids for what feels like an eternity (really only 6 days), it is amazing how productive you become. After about 4 days, I finally had enough. The retina burning turquoise walls and way too shiny and uneven stained cabinets had to go.

Here is the laundry room before I ever touched it...

Lovely 1990's oak cabinets. I will say, they were in great shape, are very sturdy & I love the raised panels.
After ripping out the matching 1990's linoleum, do you remember me putting these totally rad (oops, sorry, I have the 90s on the brain) peel and stick laminate flooring tiles in?Now, for those of you new to my blog, these are the same tags that I made to hang on the laundry sorter. ...and the same jars to hold various stuff that I use daily.

Now, here is my new old laundry room!

I wish I had the pictures of the retina burning color on the walls that came after my before pictures above...totally confused? Welcome to my world...Anywho, I think I was too embarrassed to keep the pictures. Here is the newest color. I mixed 3 different colors I had in my garage and came up with this lovely little blue-gray. I like it. It doesn't hurt my eyes and that is always a bonus. I also painted 1 layer of Kilz and a couple of coats of regular latex paint over the polyshades that was there before. I was shocked at how well it covered and at how durable it seems to be, because Heaven knows that I am flat out sick of this darn room and it wasn't going to be painted again no matter how horrifying it turned out.

Now, for just a little tweaking...I'll get back to ya' on that one.

4 brilliant things my peeps said about this:

Shell in your Pocket said...

Looks great..I love those labels!

sandy toe

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Oh, it looks fantastic now! I LOVE it all~ the color on the wall is beautiful, just the right color for a laundry room! I do remember when you put down the new laminate and was so impressed! I love the curtain I see in one of the pictures and the fabric laundry hampers with the tags, the cute jars...great job on everything! :)

Just Beachy said...

Thank you for that tip on icing , my cousin is in a cake crisis and your tip may just be the saving grace.

Susan S. said...

Hey there fellow Texas Blogger! Your snow sure looked pretty! Here in Houston, we only got rain and cold weather...:(

LOVER the color of your "new" laundry room. That's the color I have in mind for re-painting some of my walls. I guess I'll have to find something similar on some color charts, because YOU are just to crafty and MADE your OWN paint! :)