Wednesday, November 24, 2010

While You Were Fishing...what?

Before I begin...Happy Thanksgiving! Do you have your stretchy pants on? I certainly do!

I printed this lovely little thing off and stuck it in a repurposed frame. It was gold, so I sprayed it black, sprayed the mat white, and printed off the Thanksgiving page (sooo sorry, I don't remember which blog I got it from, but whoever you are, if you read this, please let me know so I can give you props!) This is going on a blank wall in my dining room.

Okay, so if you know me, then you know that everytime my hubby goes out of town (which isn't all that often) I usually do some minor projects around the house. It was hard to choose my next victim, but the living room won out in the end because (1) we were having Thanksgiving at our house, so I wanted it to look all fancy (that's for my friend Carolyn...she loves it when I say it with my Texas twang..or maybe she's just making fun of me..not quite sure, but whatever) (2) it wasn't going to cost hardly a thing and (3) I knew that I could pull it off in less than 36 hours. Sooo, here it is. Sorry, I didn't get before pictures, but it was sad. Let me give you 3 words: blue, brown and blank. Now, I acutally have pictures on the walls! I think I am going to paint the "M" a brighter color, but other than that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The khaki fabric is an old skirt that got a stain on it that I couldn't bear to throw away because the color was amazing and it was linen for heaven's sake! Don't you just LOVE this wreath? In case you don't read any other blogs out there (you really don't get around much do you? I'm so sorry) this amazing piece of fluffiness is made out of ...wait for it...COFFEE FILTERS! Fo' realz yo! It cost me a grand total of $3.75. You read it right...$2 for 2 packs of natural coffee filters and $1.75 for the straw wreath it is attached to (used my 50% off coupon at Hobby Lobby) and about 543 sticks of glue and 12 burns on my fingers. I think I need hot glue lessons...or a remedial hot glue class. I would fail miserably. Here is a close up of her: Here is the view from above my t.v.. I do have some tweaking to do. I need to trade out some pictures. The large one had a funky size picture in it before, and I didn't realize it. I printed out an 11x 14 and it isn't big enough.

I am really happy with the way that everything turned out! It isn't perfect, but I can tweak it as I go. What do you think?

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