Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do-It-Yourself or Disaster-It-Yourself?

One of my favorite blogger gals, Susie Harris, over at Bienvenue, had a little do-it-yourself project and it started me to thinkin' (no, I didn't hurt myself)...what little projects would I like to take on? I am always looking for a project that I can add to "Never-ending-list-o'-projects", so here are a few I would like to try from my new favorite store on the planet, Wisteria:I have a file folder like this except it is brown leather. Nice, but it's not fun. I think you could easily decoupage some fun scrapbook paper or even adhere some beautiful fabric and add some grosgrain ribbon to the top to get a similar look.
Okay, y'all know my thing for the beach and anything beachy such as sand, starfish, shells, shall I go on? I could make about 5, 345 of these with all of the shells that I have scavanged over my past 3 trips to the beach. By the way, if you go to South Padre, you won't find any shells on the beach. They are all gone. Every last one of them...sorry 'bout that.
Books. Love 'em. These are funtastical! If you just wanted something decorative for your IKEA bookcases (like me) or your full-walnut paneled library in the Hamptons (not like me), you could spend a fortune, or just cover some blocks of scrap wood (book-sized, please) and decoupage some fun scrapbook papers over them, sand & ink the edges, wipe on a glaze & tie them up with some thin leather or twine.

Here is another fun thing. Eggs are gorgeous. One of God's most beautiful gifts to us humans. There is little that can rival the beauty of a robin's egg, in my opinion. The soft blue with speckles of brown are the perfect color combination (who knew that God was a designer?). I think you could probably acheive the same effect by sandwiching (oooh, I am hungry,'s dinner time here) some faux eggs in a glass shadow box and adhering it to a taper candleholder & matching finial. You could even just leave the shadowbox, as is, and just call it a day....OR you could back it with some coordinating SCRAPBOOK PAPER (yeah, I have a thing for it, can you tell?) and put it in your IKEA bookshelf as well! No, IKEA doesn't pay me, but they should...Speaking of IKEA, I got their new catalog in the mail yesterday and don't think that I haven't already perused it 3 times and made little notes all over it. Okay, back to the subject at hand...Last but not least, yes, another marine inspired piece.

I call this "Big Whale on a Stick". I should write descriptions for catalogs, I know, but I am entirely too busy. Can anyone say wood & skill saw? Yep. Simple as that...I think...
Okay, now here are just a few fun little things from Wisteria that I can't make myself, but I still like anyway.Don't know why I like this little guy so much. Maybe it has to do with all of the deer heads that I had adorning the walls of my parent's living room as a child. Maybe I just like hamburgers a lot...don't know. By the way, I do love a good hamburger...sorry again, still haven't had dinner.

This little nugget is just about as purdy as they come. It just screams, "cottage" doesn't it? I think I might just have to save up for this little gem.

Have you done any fun copycatting lately?

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Susie from Bienvenue said...

Now that's some great inspiration! Hope you get some checked off your list...smiles~

Bella Dreams said...

Love your blog! Cute stuff and great ideas!