Thursday, August 20, 2009

As time goes by...

Okay, bear with me as I share the latest pictures of my little W. As a mom I must confess that my children are unbearable cute and I am not the least bit partial. Model quality if I do say so myself. Those eyes, those munchable cheeks, that slight little precious gap in the front of those teeth. Yum. I can't believe my baby is 2. He is no longer a baby, but a toddler. I can hardly breathe! Anyone have a paper bag I can breathe into? Okay, better now. It is just amazing how time flies. All of those "Mom types" that told you about 5, 429 times that "time flies when you have children" were right, darn them! Anyway, on to other things.

Well, on the heels of time flying, the end of summer is quickly approaching, as is my freedom. I will be teaching 2-year-olds at one of the local Mother's Day Out programs and my head is in a whirl as to all of the projects that I wanted to complete this summer, but have been too hot, tired, busy, needed, sleepy, hot, otherwise proccupied, procrastinatory (nice word, hu?) and hot to do. Yikes!'s some absolutely urgent projects that need my attention. Yes, the world might actually fall off of it's axis if I do not finish these in the next few weeks.
Okay, so remember my laundry room project that I embraced with such gusto? Well, upon my dislike for the room, I kind of let it just be. I have tried to allow the retina burning aqua walls prove themselves to me, and they may have won. I have decided that I must get that horrible finish off of the cabinets and FAST. So, sanding, priming and painting look to be in my near future. Also, I have been dying to paint 2 of the 3 bathrooms (including the master) cream as well. (Cabinets, not walls.) So, I think I will try out the laundry room first.
Next, I have to confess that I have a master plan with the remainder of the redecorating in the house. Okay, don't tell my secret, because it might just ruin the plan. T. if you are reading this #1, I am proud of you for taking a moment to read your wife's thought and #2, stop reading at this point...seriously. Now, here is the plan: I have several frames that I need to repaint and remat to put some pictures in. If you have ever been to my house and know me, you know I LOVE pictures. I love taking them and looking at them. However, I am completely non-commital when it comes to getting them on the wall. I am sure that is some sort of disorder that can be cured through years of therapy, but that would cut into my decorating budget, so I will have to cope. Anyway, my plan is to remat and paint some of the frames and get them up on the wall. Then, when T sees how the new frames clash with the current decor of the house, and the fact that we are having a dinner party with about 20 people over in a few weeks, he will have no choice but to fork over the dough to let me repaint and purchase curtain fabric. Is that a plan or what? That or my house will look uber hideous and I will hide the entire evening...or I could just pretend that it isn't my house. Either way, at least I will have some pictures on the walls. :)

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stephanie said...

Your kiddos are ADORABLE!!!! Are you coming to Beth Moore in Rockwall tonight? p.s. I am stalking you :)