Friday, August 21, 2009

I don't know who this Allen and Roth are, but I am in LOVE!

I heart Lowe's!!! Let me start from the beginning, although I am fairly certain I will begin rambling at some point and it won't matter where I start...
I got the green light from T to start the redecorating. (NOTE: There is nothing like throwing an after dinner party with several couples that have never seen your home, AND are friends with your husband that will turn your hubby into a "yes man". So, I skip on into Lowe's today (yes, I was skipping...I was so giddy that I was skipping) and get my little paint sample that I color
matched with a Sherwin Williams color. It is called "Rainwashed". The paint sample was even on sale...I should have known that it was my lucky day! So pretty...the picture doesn't do it justice. It is a combo of robin's egg blue & dove gray.

Here is a test swatch on the wall...only one coat & not quite dry. I matched the SW color with a linen-like fabric that I will be making curtains out of for the living & dining room. I was waiting for the paint lady to mix my color, I wandered (or rather chased my 2 and 3-year-olds) to the next aisle over. Then, right there next to the curtains, there they were...

Westaria mirror $68.88

I couldn't find this beauty online, so I had to take a pic with my phone (sorry 'bout that y'all). I don't remember the EXACT price, but I think it was less than $60. I know that I have seen this EXACT mirror somewhere before, but I can't track it down...all I know is that it looks a lot like

the Lavello mirror from Ballard Designs for $299.99.

Allen + Roth hovan arch frameless mirror $98.88A lot like Pottery Barn's Elise mirror for $189.99!

Allen + Roth pewter rectangular frameless mirror $89.88

Pottery Barn's Bevel Mirror ($179.99 - $279.00)
Allen + Roth windowpane mirror $78.97
A lot like the "Garden District Mirrors" from Ballard Designs (2 for $199.99)

Aren't they amazing? I also have to say that, yes Mr. Barker, the price is right!

I don't know who this Mr. Allen and Mr. Roth are, but I love you!!!

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Frugal Felicia said...

My hubby works for Lowes so I love that YOU love Lowes, lol=)