Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ethan's 5th Birthday

Ethan is obsessed with all things NASA. For his birthday, he got an astronaut suit & helmet & some other space related things. He is so proud! Since we are getting double duty from the astronaut suit for Halloween, we are giving you a little preview of Caroline in her costume too. I don't know what it is, but it had a tutu and that was all it took for me to throw the cash at the checkout girl. She was very curious about her antennae, they didn't stay on long...much like her hairbows and pigtails everyday. I didn't expect anything different.

During our "dress up time", Caroline...well...gave us a little present in her diaper, so we nicknamed her the "poop fairy" for the evening. Ha! We have decided that when you become a parent (especially of 3), many of your discussions turn to potty talk.

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Hi-d-Ho said...

the 'poop fairy' is PRECIOUS. And I can defintely see Ethan becoming an astrounaut! Yea, will he remember me then?