Friday, October 5, 2007

Kids in a box

The kids (Ethan & Caroline) decided that they wanted to empty out her toybox & play. Well, as kids do, they had more fun getting inside than playing with all of the toys. These 2 are hysterical! They love on each other and are so precious to one another. Ethan is so patient with her and is her little daddy. She just smacks him around and then loves on him, and repeats it over and over. She is quite a pistol!

Wyatt actually slept through the whole ruckus that was going on in her room, but he sleeps better with noise anyway. He had a really rough night last night, but seems to be over it today (see picture below). What an angel!

Ethan & Caroline - in - a - box!

Here's how you do it sis...

Does this look like trouble or what!
...& Wyatt sleeps through the whole thing!

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