Thursday, January 15, 2009

Santa Clause has already come and gone to town

No, this is not a picture from a magazine...this is my in-law's mantle at their house...sickening isn't it? Okay, I can't seem to locate the other pictures, but I will be vigilant and continue on my quest...I'll post more of them when I find them, so the one up top will have to do for now.
Well, I have been as busy as a bee lately with preps for my brother-in-laws wedding, painting the kitchen (yes, my beautiful red is long gone) and the living room. In it's place are a sort of sage green in the kitchen (it is still a little too light, so we are going to go a little darker) and a nice gray-blue in the living room. I LOVE the living room! I will have to get some pics up once I get back from the wedding.
Okay, where would be a good place to go for the hubs and my 10th anniversary? I'll take any suggestions that you might have. Haven't decided if beachy is the way to go unless I have a smokin' hot bod by the summer (still working on it...Jenny Craig is going full force!), or pretty scenery (i.e. mountains) or what. What do y'all think? Any personal faves?
Just to add some more randomness to this post, here are a few Christmas pics for the family & friends...unless you just like to see pictures of people that you don't know, and in that case, enjoy!
My super cute hubs & the littlest monkey in our zoo.

The littlest monkey & my favorite nephew...okay, so he is my only nephew but isn't he a doll! I know that W looks supersized next to him, but they are acutally the same size. Kind of like Heidi Klum & me...hmmmm strange how that works...

C. baking brownies...notice the chocolate residue around her little mouth...a girl after my own heart! Okay, so you know how there is that ONE toy that everyone loves & you just never know what it is going to be...well, this is it. No, it isn't a toy dumptruck, it is an is all the rage!
That face is too precious for words...don't let her fool you...under that sweet grin is a wild child! I couldn't ask for a more precious & spunky little lady!My one and only sis. Cute pic Bean (nickname that I won't bother, she doesn't particularly like beans, just thought you might wonder)! One of my favorite pics of W. He is a tiny little guy, but his cheeks beg to differ.

2 brilliant things my peeps said about this:

Jill Moffitt said...

Suggestions for the anniversary trip ...

Jill Moffitt said...

Oops, I cut myself off!
How about Canada O' Canada?
It looks gorgeous!
Or Maine. Seafood, yumm-o!
Maybe New York?

Did you notice I picked non-beachy places?
That's someone who isn't a fan of the sun talking!