Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yes, I have been dissed...

Well, I have officially offended someone. "Anonymous", if you are out there, I apologize. If I have offended you for being a "muffin top", or if it was your gangsta' graffiti, or possibly the UGGS and mini, I, from the depths of my heart, apologize. Seriously, I never mean to offend, only to laugh at the world around me. "Anonymous", I appreciate your honesty and will heed your heartfelt request to "look at myself in the mirror". Have a wonderful day!

3 brilliant things my peeps said about this:

Jill Moffitt said...

This is your blog.
Don't censor yourself because someone doesn't have a sense of humor.
Calling you out as not being a "Child of God" because you find humor in "muffin tops" and graffiti???
Are you kidding me?
This "Anonymous" person needs to "take a long hard look in the mirror" and try to figure out where their sense of humor went because this is just ridiculous.

Lisa said...

I think you are hilarious...keep on rolling! All in good fun.

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

Exactly what yo sista said....true dat!

(it's all in good fun, people...chill!)