Monday, October 27, 2008

All family members, please step away from the screen!

It is going to be a crafty Christmas...

Okay y'all, this is a short post. I have my littlest monkey on my lap and he is fascinated with the mouse. That, or the music that is playing on my blog. I like to think that the latter is true and that he has a special connection with the Big Guy (we were listening to Come Thou Fount). Anywho, look at what Big Ma whipped up in her spare time. I have a friend that had done one for me and I thought I would try my hand at it. Actually, this is my second one, so I had all the kinks worked out this time. Isn't it glorious? Also, if you are related to me, and your initials are DCM, Merry Christmas!

I am so excited about how darned cute this is, and I love me some fun scrapbook papers and ribbon (you all know my love/fascination/obsession/adoration for ribbon) and what a perfect way to feed my healthy addiction! Actually, I will be making some and putting them on my etsy website ( soon. Also, when I have a chance, I think I will put some of these on there (please note, these are just some examples that I have found, these are not on my website)...

I love the long tutus with the big flower on the front.

...and some of these..

I love the simplicity of a pillowcase dress.

You can also wear them much longer because they are looser than a regular dress.

I already have the fabric for 4 pillowcase dresses. One is a robin's egg blue Waverly floral, one is the most gorgeous coral and cream print, one is very sophisticated toile, and the other is the most precious pink & red gingham with a floral overlay pattern.

I can't wait to get them done! Let's where did I put my sewing machine?

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Sandy Toes said...

Oh my so very sweet!!! I love those precious!!
-sandy toes

Baby Mama said...

Hey there! Thank you SO much for the award!! Unfortunately I have like 2 blog followers as of now, lol, so I will have to wait a little while to pass it on. But I am honored that you thought of me! :)
I love your pillowcase dress! Cant wait to see the rest!

Amy said...

Aren't those little ones in tutus just adorable? I love anything with tulle. A pillowcase dress...what a totally great idea. I actually think I could tackle a project like that. So simple with great results. Thanks for sharing and wishing you a wonderful day! Amy :)

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

I love all of it! You are SO talented! Those tutus are to die for, and I can't wait to see your pillow case skirts. I have never seen those before! Oh, and I probably should already know this but is the top craft you made for a family member a clipboard? Just curious. It's very cute! :)

Oh, and I need to say one more thing~ You have officially been BOOed! If you go check my blog, you'll see what I mean! :)

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Oh those books are totally FAB! I love that one , the print is awesome, great work! omg, and those toto's are to die for cute!!