Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall faves

Okay Mother Nature, you heifer, I thought that you should know that I didn't appreciate the summerlike weather this morning! My eldest spawn had a soccer game and it was H-O-T, HOT! I wore my ever-so-stylish knit 3/4 sleeved knit hoodie (to cover my flabby upper arms and lovely mom-of-three tummy) and my hair down to airdry (no, not a fashion statement, but I had 3 kids to get ready and out the door...I do what I can) and I just about sweated (is that a word? Sweat didn't sound right.) to death. That takes a LOT of sweat, but I almost met the challenge. How dare you, I say, HOW DARE YOU! Anywho, I will give you another chance to redeem yourself. You may cool us off now and "thank you" in advance.

Now, to other more exciting things, like FALL! I love fall. I love fall. I love fall. Do you know what else I love? Fall. Yes, it is true. The cooler temps, the football games (don't anyone dare tell my football-obsessed husband that), the sweaters (actually sweats, but us southern gals can't really fess up to this less-than-lady-like fashion faux pas), the decorations, the food, the leftovers, the leftover leftovers. Oh, my little ol' mouth is just watering thinking about it. I love Thanksgiving and then the annual trek up to my overflowing attic to bring down the mountains of Christmas decor that will transform my home into a Winter Wonderland, even though we might be lucky to get only one little snowfall a year. Actually, it is more like a slushy, wet, icy messfall, but I digress.

Here are a few things that I came across that I would love to have the time to do (or purchase for) my home, if I had a bazillion dollars or I didn't have a kid, or 2, or 3 attached to me every single millisecond of the day. Ah, let me sit and ponder that little vision for a while........................okay, I am back.

Is this amazing? I LOVE it. I know that silk flowers are a huge decorating faux pas, but I don't think I could throw this out after all of the time it took to make. Also, how long would it last? I want that baby to last a good 2 months! What do you think? Are fake flowers a no no?

I love the cleanness of this one. Simple and elegant. I think that a beautiful piece of my Memom's silver would be perfect as a "vase" for the pumpkin & greenery. I might try this one. Looks easy enough and I think I have everything for it already. That is always a plus!

I think this one would be perfect on the front porch, in a big planter. You could even stack a few pumpkins with some fall leaves and berries between each layer and have this as the "topper".

Couldn't you just see yourself curled up underneath one of these chunky cable-knit throws in front of a fire? Too bad our entire family is allergic to the "fireplace". Every type of wood that we try to burn set us all into sinus infection mania.

Isn't this fun and organic. Oh, check me out & my oh-so-hip lingo... Anywho, I think I could possibly figure out this. Are these mandrin oranges or what? Anyone, anyone, Beuller?

Okay, love the candles, but could you possibly burn them? I mean, seriously...

2 brilliant things my peeps said about this:

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

Fun stuff, girl - love it all!

About the oranges...I have absolutely no idea! I would guess mandarin, as well.

Jill Moffitt said...

I like the white pumpkin ... it's very fall/winter. It's not typical "fall" decor, which I like.
And don't get me started about Christmas. I'm so excited I could just wet my underpants!

Too late!