Friday, September 12, 2008

My visit to the quack shop and other daily activities here in the sticks

This is a nap mat cover that I made for Caroline. The floral/bird pattern looks almost exactly like a Pottery Barn bedding set that is out now. I just bought some new fabrics and am going to add them to my etsy website when I get it all together. What do ya' think? This particular one is way cuter in person. This one has been rolled around, stomped & slobbered on, thrown around in "Marge" (my Suburban..A.K.A. Large Marge) and basically any other form of abuse that a 2-year-old can inflict on such an object. It has held up surprisingly well. I think that with each napmat I sell, I can give it the "Caroline seal": strong enough to hold up to the thrashing, gnawing and deep-sleep drooling of any toddler, yet soft and gentle enough to have peaceful sweet dreams on. HA!
Here are my precious boys. I have to say, I think they are quite cute.
Wyatt has started gnawing on the spoon at dinner. It just bobs around until he giggles and it falls out. It is much more enjoyable than it sounds. Ah, the simply joys of motherhood! love cookies!!!

Okay, I will have to tell you about my visit to the Neurologist later. I typed it all out, and I erased it. Of course it was filled with witty comments and insight, but you will just have to wait with breathless anticipation until I can retype it. I have Subway waiting on me downstairs. Food always trumps blogging. Sorry my peeps!

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