Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ode to a Candy Corn & 20 Fall Treasures

Ode to a Candy Corn
original prose by me

Oh, glorious candy corn

You are a delectible treat,

I am in pure ecstacy

Everytime we meet.

Your tricolored splendor

Knows no end

And I get carried away

And the nausea begins.

Oh candy corn, 'tis worth it all the suffering

For your utmost sweetness,

I long for you to fill my mouth with sweet,

And my knees with weakness.

Until we have our next encounter, my love,

I anticipate our meeting

For as sure as the sun sets in the west,

I will be yearning for your eating.

Okay folks, seriously, I have an addiction. I can't even keep them in my house. There is something about fall and candy corns that just makes me giddy! Speaking of fall, my "Sassy" friend had a list on her blog that had 20 Autumn Treasures (she took it from The Inspired Room - I have to give props) and I thought to myself, "Self, that is a great idea!" I need a little time to reflect on my blessings. I am not one of those people that throws a pity party when I get down in the dumps, but I do tend to forget how much the Lord has blessed me with and forget what I DO have. is my "thankful list".

  1. My wonderful husband who loves me despite my penchant for sweets and the few (well...a little more than a few) pounds that I have developed because of it.
  2. My precious babies. They are the light of my life and they are perfectly healthy. My cup runneth over!
  3. My wonderful country. I can praise and worship my Lord without fear and have the freedoms that many will, and do, die for.
  4. My family. Father, mother, sister, and all others. I am so grateful that they give me unconditional love.
  5. My church.
  6. Our beautiful earth. What a glorious and thoughtful creation in perfect order!
  7. The fall leaves on our red oak tree (and all others). Just breathtaking!
  8. Football games. I know, I am crazy, but there is something about fall and football games.
  9. Cozy blankets to curl up in on the couch.
  10. No more reruns!
  11. The crisp cool air (well, it will get here to Texas in about November..hurry!!!).
  12. Honeybaked Ham. No Thanksgiving is complete without it. (Sorry Butterball!)
  13. Christmas decorations going up (ohhhh, I can't wait!!! Get ready to go back up to the attic, honey!)
  14. Swinging on the front porch. I love the way it creaks back and forth.
  15. Playing outside at any time of the day
  16. Layering. Seriously, I need to cover up this body as much as possible. Yeah fleece!
  17. Rosy cheeks on my babies
  18. Baking. Fall baking is the best!
  19. The smell of spices (when baking)
  20. Pumpkin ice cream!

3 brilliant things my peeps said about this:

Jill Moffitt said...

You know, I meant to tell you something.
I bought you a bad of Hershe's kisses - Candy Corn. Uh huh ... they make candy corn flavored kisses.


Expect them next time I see you.

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

You have been tagged, my friend!

Inspired Kara said...

I LOVE honeybaked ham!!!!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday!