Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I sure miss this room!

My little girl's room has had a big overhaul in recent months. We had to move in our little man and the pink room was giving him a complex. I will post updated pics of the new "gender neutral" room soon, but I am feeling a bit melancholy on this dreary-almost-fall-but-still-feels-like-summer day in Texas.

This was my favorite room in the house (sniff, sniff, tear).

By the way...
I officially have the most horrible pain, aside from labor, ever in my life. It has been going on for over a week and I have been to the chiropractor twice, the doctor, am on a pain-killer, muscle relaxer and steroid (in other words, I am a beefed up, mellowed out, high-as-a-kite version of my normal self). Actually, I only wished I felt that good. Had an x-ray and going for MRI today. What in the world is going on?
All of that being said, I am chomping at the bit to get my fall decor down and get it up! Considering that I can hardly move, and when I do, I feel like I am about to break in apart at the seams, I don't think that it will be happening anytime soon. I don't know why, but my husband doesn't think that pulling down all 1,235 boxes of fall decor from the attic is all that important right now. WHAT?! Where are his priorities?

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Jill Moffitt said...

He certainly doesn't have his priorities straight. Interior design first, pain and suffering second.

And by the way, I miss that room too.