Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beg, Borrow and (Lord, please forgive me...) Steal, Honey!

Alright my girlfriends...fall is now in full swing. Here in Texas the weather is...wait for Yes, I said it. As I was picking up my little C. from Mother's Day Out, I looked at the temperature on my rear view mirror (oh yeah, I have the fancy 2001 Suburban, complete with matching dents on each side of my fenders...jealous aren't you?) and it said 65 degrees. I nearly veered off of the road during a moment of utter ecstasy and glee, but I pulled it together and simply announced it to my fellow passengers. Albeit, they are only 6 and 1, and couldn't have cared less, I was enthralled and had to pass on my new nugget of information. So, to pay homage to the beginning of fall, I have a few little ideas for holiday decor. Please, feel free to steal, uhm, I mean "be inspired" by them, and incorporate them into your own nests, because the Good Lord knows that I did the same....
Happy decorating my peeps!

Do you think that the little trick-or-treaters would appreciate the
cuteness of these little gourds? Well, of course!
Okay, tulle is like, a buck a yard. How cheap and adorable are these? If you didn't like black, you could always do orange or green. I think a little fall wreath hung by some beautiful ribbon would be adorable on the back (maybe with a few little berries mixed in).
How fun is this one? Just cut your flowers on an angle, put them in some wet floral foam and they should last at least a week. You can even find the flowers at your local grocery store!

These little pumpkins are so cute, but you could even use fake ones and reuse it every year.

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Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Oh, what beautiful pictures! I absolutely LOVE them all! Okay, now I am all inspired! :) Thanks so much for stealing~ uh, I mean, SHARING these pictures! :)

I am going to go to the store for some flowers now; I have an extra pumpkin on the porch that is just BEGGING to be decorated... :)

Have a great day! :)

Nessa said...

Thanks so much for sharing these inspirational pics! I want to do a little fall decorating really badly now! Isn't it great that it has finally cooled of here in Texas? Have a great day!