Friday, October 3, 2008

A Small Change

Okay y'all, my website is back up and running. Yes, it is 1:20 AM... but I must press on. I wanted to do a few changes because I wasn't very happy about the appearance of my blog. It was soooo September 2008!
Well, I have for you, my list of Top 10 Frugal-Or-Fiscally-Challenged-Decorating-Tips-For-The-Decorating-Obsessed...Here goes...

  1. Just add ribbon. Seriously, ribbon is like candy corn - you can never have too much. I put it around anything that doesn't run away from me. Above pictures, around candlesticks, etc. Any holiday is a perfect excuse to just tie a ribbon and bow around everything!
  2. Declutter. Most people (you know who you are) have too much clutter. I am a clutterphobe and I still have too much junk. So, get rid of everything that isn't sentimental, beautiful or useful. Do you really need those 435 figurines? Does it bring you that much joy? If so, keep them, if not, I have 2 words...EBAY and Craigslist!!! Trust me, people get nervous in your home, parents cringe, and most importantly, they collect dust, or become nesting spots for other creatures.
  3. Add vinyl wall letters. I love They have an hugemongous (yes, a technical term again) selection, can do custom designs and fit any budget. They are also idiot proof, which is a plus. There are other sites too, but this one is my fave.
  4. Stick a feather in it. Feathers really class things up. I don't mean your big fluffy wedding pen topper feather, or the feathers from your boa from your go-go girl stage, but beautiful feathers. You know the ones...pheasant, peacock...anything exotic and me...quit laughing!
  5. Paint it black. Black is soooo sophisticated. Why do we wear a little black dress when we go out? Well for some of us, it helps those thunder thighs miraculously disappear (or so we think), so throw some black paint on it, baby!
  6. Hire a designer for 1 hour. You will be amazed at what they can do. They can help with paint colors, furniture placement, organization, etc. Most of them won't even tell you that your home is hideous. A win-win, what can I say.
  7. If you are at a complete loss, or are totally non-commital, go white. They say once you go white...oh, nevermind...Anywho, white is so calming. There are so many shades of white that you can't possibly screw up, unless you make your room/home/apartment/condo/townhome/mansion/duplex/cell look like a hospital room. The key to a white color palette is different shades of white and lots of textures. Look at me, it is like I am a designer or something. Too much HGTV I am afraid.
  8. Add a little...mind you, I said LITTLE bit of animal print. Too much of this stuff is lethal! It will do one of 2 things: (1) PETA will be naked on your front porch throwing red paint in your face or (2) it will just look like some sort of cheap brothel. Now, if you are going for that look, knock yourself out, otherwise keep the cheetah contained to a couple of throw pillows or an ottoman.
  9. Work in groups of odd numbers. Any decorator will tell you that, for some reason, odd numbered items are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Now, for those of you with OCD, you may find that symmetry is a better option and that having (a) pair(s) of objects with one extra floating around is too much for you too handle. In this case, ignore this rule, seek medical help, and please don't blog-stalk me.
  10. Last but not least...join with me in my obsession...magazine browsing. I steal everything when it comes to decorating. I truly don't consider myself a creative person...I consider myself a good copy-cat. I am not proud of it, but I do what I have to do. I am slowly learning all of the tricks and my house is coming together, but it has taken a village. My village includes the following: HGTV, Fine Living (Sarah Richardson is divine), Cottage Living, Country Living, O at Home, Southern Living (what Southern gal doesn't subscribe?), Cottage Home, Better Homes and Gardens and many others of whom I cannot recall at 1:56 AM. To keep my house from becoming a fire hazard, I (gasp!) tear out the pages where I find inspiration and recycle my mags to my mom (who has the same magazine obsession, but benefits from mine through hand-me-downs).

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