Monday, October 6, 2008

I have a six-year-old!

Isn't he gorgeous? I mean, I am not biased AT ALL, but I just can't stand it! Handsome, sweet and has the sweetest heart of any little kiddo I know. He is absolutely a blessing!!!

The big day...

The first pics are of his actual birthday. We try to take the kids out on their birthday for lunch or dinner and then they get their choice of dessert.
E.'s birthday has come and gone & let me tell you...the whole "drop-your-kid-off" birthday party rocks! We began this as a nod to other parents. You know...PULEEEZE consider doing the same because I can always use a couple of hours of peace! As the party thrower, I have to say that we benefitted as well. Let me 'splain...(1) No parents to feed (2) no chit-chat with adults while trying to keep 6 kids from tearing up the house...all hands were on deck (3) less of a mess! It was a win-win. I highly recommend it. Here are some highlights from the shindig.

Birthday pancakes (with chocolate chips). YUM-O!

Here's the booty!

At the hibachi.. the flaming volcano was good...Wow!!! Then the psycho drum bangers came......

Then gong-boy...not so much...then fried ice cream...again, not so much...Thanks but no thanks!

Thanks Dad! (and Mom)...It was great...even though I just ate the shrimp.

Sidenote: our hibachi dude was lame-o, but E. didn't care or notice. His only schtick was the volcano...nothing else.

Party time!!!

E. had a "Transformers" themed birthday. Here is my attempt at an autobot symbol...Grey icing..delish!

Here are a few festivities. Aren't the little munchkins adorable?

Time to go so big ma' can sleep for a few days...whew, it is over!

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Jill Moffitt said...

You know, the pic of Caroline after the chocolate chip pancake annihilation is pretty classic.

It must be framed.